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This is a podcast about drawing on location, with host Nishant Jain. Nishant speaks with other artists and urban-sketchers about the things that motivate them to draw their world, and the different ways that it enhances their lives.

Apr 22, 2022

Seattle-based artist Eleanor Doughty is an independent artist, illustrator and urban-sketcher whose work includes murals, large canvases, prints, Kickstarter campaigns, and now also a book. This conversation explores how an independent illustrator can chart their path, and find a home for their ideas in work for others...

Apr 8, 2022

[Re-uploaded to edit a minor overlap in the audio. Sorry!]

In the second part of their extended conversation, Sandi Hester explains her creative process, her journey across various mediums and tools, and the role of observation in her art. Find Sandi Hester’s work on Instagram and YouTube.

🎁 Have you ever thought...

Apr 1, 2022

Tennessee-based painter Sandi Hester shares her life’s journey with art, the ideas behind her wonderful YouTube channel, and how she keeps joy at the centre of her creative process. This episode is the first of a two-part conversation recorded over two days.

Find Sandi Hester’s work on Instagram and