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This is a podcast about drawing on location, with host Nishant Jain. Nishant speaks with other artists and urban-sketchers about the things that motivate them to draw their world, and the different ways that it enhances their lives.

Dec 25, 2020

I speak with Singapore-based educator and artist Paul Wang about the way he dances, using line and color, across the page. Paul finds art in the middle of urban chaos and he paints it with dramatic colors and meandering lines. His composition is informed by his education in interior design and theatre production. He tries to tell a story with every piece, and that influences every artistic decision on the page - color and line, conflict and collaboration, work and play. Paul and Suhita Shirodkar have been running the aptly-named Sketching Play Lab since March, with participants from around the world meeting over Zoom. We talk about his work as an educator and urban-sketching instructor, the different ways he encourages people to approach their art practice to find joy, as well as the things he has learned from being in the USk community.

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