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This is a podcast about drawing on location, with host Nishant Jain. Nishant speaks with other artists and urban-sketchers about the things that motivate them to draw their world, and the different ways that it enhances their lives.

Jul 30, 2021

In this episode, I speak with oil painter and urban-sketcher, Marc Taro Holmes, about his evolution over the years as an artist.

Marc worked in the early gaming industry, when both games and design programs were rudimentary. Later, as an urban-sketcher, he started the Citizen Sketcher blog, led numerous workshops, wrote several books, and inspired countless artists with his annual events - OneWeek100People and 30x30 Direct Watercolor.

Over the past few years, Marc has retreated from social media, and started using oil paints on canvas in his home-studio. What caused this shift? What do oil paints offer him that watercolors do not? Does he miss painting outdoors? In finding answers to these questions, I learned that Marc’s story is one of continuous evolution, motivated by his interests, surrounding influences, and life circumstances.