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This is a podcast about drawing on location, with host Nishant Jain. Nishant speaks with other artists and urban-sketchers about the things that motivate them to draw their world, and the different ways that it enhances their lives.

Sep 10, 2021

In this episode, I speak with urban-sketcher and illustrator Anna Wilson. Anna is what I describe as a 'deliberate artist', in that she has taken strong decisions to change her career trajectory towards art and illustration.

I am always interested in speaking to 'deliberate artists', because they have such motivated and well-considered reasons for the things they do. What does a path of self-education in art look like? How do they gather influences, images, and inspirations, to guide this path? Anna tells me about the role that travel plays in shaping her perspectives, the lessons she picks from photography and carrying a little sketchbook, and what she carries from her formal education in human geography.

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